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Fun fact: during the medieval times, people believed that as a woman walked down the aisle, it would be easy for a dark spirit to take her as she is at her most pure state. That is why she wears a veil over her face - to keep her hidden. That is also why bridesmaids would wear white: to confuse darkness as to who is really the bride.
While this seems a little strange to us in the 21st century, we stick to the churches tradition that the bride wears white as a symbol of purity. As such, wearing white to a wedding as a guest, much less a bridesmaid, was a big no-no. North America kept that tradition going for so long that when we saw Pippa Middleton wearing white at her sisters wedding, we all flinched. However, it appears that us North Americans were the only ones confused by this. In fact, in England, its customary to have the bridesmaids in white or ivory to match the bride.
This got me thinking: why wouldn't we want our bridesmaids to blend in with us as long as their dress is simpler and subtle? It ties in nicely with the rest of the wedding and allows you to be flexible with your decor and pretty much anything related to aesthetics. It's a clean look that shouldn't be overlooked. I (Deborah) even had my maid of honour in Ivory and loved it!
Something to consider when planning your wedding: don't stick to tradition! Do what you want, it's your day!
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